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As many COVID-delayed weddings finally have confirmed dates, couples looking to create the perfect wedding are calling in the professionals. Wedding planners are often considered the best one-stop solution for couples that are undecided on what they want and need guidance, or unavailable to make arrangements themselves and need assistance. In addition, wedding planners are also gaining popularity with DIY weddings, as someone the couple can turn to for advice and cost-saving ideas for wedding décor.

Traditionally, the use of wedding planners was seen as a sign of wealth, and emphasized the fact that a family could afford to hire a wedding “specialist” to handle all of the details and arrangements of a high-society wedding. The planners realized the importance of making sure every request was met and every guest was impressed, knowing that a successful wedding event could enhance their reputation among the elite circle of people who wanted to use these services for their own weddings as well.

However, unlike many grandiose wedding planners of the past, today’s wedding planners have established reputations for being more casual, caring, and couple-friendly. According to industry professionals, the best wedding planners are those that truly listen to “what the couple wants and what they can afford,” which often may not match. In those situations, successful wedding planners still manage to achieve the desired wedding theme and décor requested by utilizing a wide range of contacts and options they have available in order to make the wedding as special as the couple themselves.

Among current wedding trends, more couples are focusing on the real costs associated with a planning a wedding, which includes the cost of the planner’s services. Wedding industry statistics show that the cost of an average wedding is about $30,000—clearly a number that couples need to know at the beginning of their planning process. Other numbers that need to be reviewed are the number of guests to be invited, and any funds that the couple may receive as gifts for their wedding. Once the math is done, the amount leftover is often what determines if a wedding planner is something that fits into the remaining wedding budget.

For many couples looking to have a small wedding, a close friend or family member may offer to act as the couple’s wedding planner, and take the lead in making arrangements to help with the couple’s to-do list. Another way couples are looking to save money is by choosing simpler alternatives to their primary choices in dress and décor, which allows the savings to be allocated to another area that may require it, such as a wedding planner for honeymoon travel.

Another trend that wedding planners are seeing more of, which is expected to continue, is the theme of sustainability within wedding planning. In stark contrast to the extravagance of over-the-top options presented at bridal expos, many couples are incorporating sustainability with their décor, invitations, and registry requests. With a theme of sustainability, it may seem odd to hire a wedding planner. But in reality, the theme-related costs can be validated through the wedding planner’s ability to source the sustainable products and materials the couple requests as part of their wedding theme.

Because of the wide range of ages and preferences wedding couples represent, a wedding planner needs to be knowledgeable about a wide range of products and services in order to be successful in meeting every request. The fact that the success of a wedding often lies in the hands of the wedding planner makes it even more important that any planner be well informed about all the options available, at all price points for all budgets.

Ultimately, for engaged couples everywhere, a wedding planner can offer not only the guidance and assistance the couple needs, but they can also serve to ensure that nothing is forgotten or overlooked on the couple’s special day. And even though the wedding planner has a price attached to their personalized services, the memories that are created at a perfectly detailed and successful wedding will always be considered priceless.

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