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According to recent statistics, the average wedding currently costs about $30,000 – a number that often leaves young couples wondering where they can save money and still have the wedding of their dreams. With this in mind, many pricey venues have created budget-friendly services and ceremony options as a way to serve a new group of clients, while still offering the elegance they have become known for among clients with a higher budget.

Within Indian River County, there are many wedding venues with many different price points for various wedding services and requests. In addition to established and well known indoor venues, many people also opt for IRC’s beaches and parks when opting for an outdoor wedding location. As such, a survey of Indian River County residents evidenced repeated recommendations for many budget-friendly wedding locations; however, two venues shined above the rest in popularity, location, and cost: Twisted Oak Farm and The Venue.

At Twisted Oak Farm, a venue with a maximum capacity of 100, owner/operator Annie Latimer asserted that there is more to a great budget-friendly wedding than simply meeting the budget. She said, “There’s something to be said about the joy of a stress-free wedding by having a smaller guest count (closest friends and dearest family), which almost always equals a lower price tag. Smaller weddings are the perfect way to make sure you have that connection with your guests that makes your wedding memorable. It creates intimacy that can be lost in a larger wedding. A smaller venue can make way for bigger décor, and a less robust budget leaves money for post-wedding fun!”

In agreement with Latimer is April Willis, owner/CEO/creative director at The Venue, who added, “A great budget-friendly wedding at The Venue consists of being present in the moment with close family and friends, great food, and creating lasting memories. A great wedding is ultimately about celebrating your love and commitment. Focus on the meaningful aspects and personal touches that reflect your relationship, and don’t let a limited budget diminish the joy of your special day.

When it comes to trends among today’s couples, Latimer reported, “The most popular new trend we are seeing more and more of is micro-weddings. A micro-wedding takes all the love of your big day and wraps it in an intimate, beautiful, affordable, and stress-free wedding. Our micro-wedding packages are all-inclusive so we do all the work, while the couple enjoys their engagement. Couples are seeing the value of these small celebrations and enjoying more elaborate honeymoons, buying a home or starting a family, and fueling their passions and interests.”

Willis echoed Latimer’s comments about smaller weddings, and said, “Trends couples are exploring consist of intimate gatherings (50-75 guest counts), non-traditional venues such as industrial options and private homes, minimalistic décor that is simple yet creates sophisticated ambiance without overspending, DIY elements to add personal touches to their wedding, and non-traditional food options in place of plated sit-down dinners. These trends have gained popularity over the last couple years greatly due to inflation, but these trends show that couples prioritize what truly matters to them, reduce financial stress, and create a wedding that reflects their values and preferences.”

When it comes to the cost of a budget-friendly wedding, there are many interpretations of the term “budget-friendly.” At Twisted Oak Farm in Vero Beach, Latimer noted, “We offer standard ‘venue only’ packages and all-inclusive micro-weddings packages. Average costs greatly vary depending on vendors the couple hires such as caterer, photographer, DJ, florist, etc. Our venue rental is under 5k on weekends, and under 4k on weekdays. For our micro-wedding packages, couples spend under 6k total for 30 guests.”

At The Venue, also located in Vero Beach with a maximum capacity of 150 guests, Willis said, “The Venue understands and works closely with couples desiring to have meaningful and memorable celebrations without compromising their financial stability or long-term goals.” She added, “The cost of a wedding can vary significantly depending on factors such as the size of the guest list, level of customizations, and overall wedding vision. Partial or full-day venue rental is required for weddings hosted at The Venue, which starts at $1,100 and design, and décor packages are based on guest count but starts at $2,500.”

Both wedding venues offer weekly tours and consultations, allowing couples to work with wedding specialists to design a wedding that is as perfect for them as they are for each other.

Photo courtesy of Veronica Marantz @_photographybyv

Photo courtesy of D & M Photography@dnm.photos

Photo courtesy of Francesca Barnes

Photo courtesy of Francesca Barnes


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