Senior Weddings: Older Couples Tying Newer Knots

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A well-known poem by Tennyson asserts, “In the Spring, a young man’s fancy lightly turns to
thoughts of love.” However, when considering recent wedding statistics, it seems the same
sentiment is true for an older man’s fancy as well. According to wedding industry reports,
marriages among individuals aged 50 and older have surged by 50 percent in the U.S. since
1990. This trend is also on the rise in some countries outside the United States, leaving wedding
experts to wonder what factors are contributing to older couples tying a newer knot.

When considering the reasons contributing to later-in-life marriage, personal circumstances are
key to understanding the trend. While some people may have experienced divorce or the loss of a
spouse, others may have never ventured into matrimony before and are choosing to take the leap
at an older age. Other people may have patiently waited for the right person, refusing to settle
until they found their perfect match. Regardless of the reason, when mature couples find
themselves ready to embrace a new chapter of companionship and love it is always the perfect
reason for a senior wedding.

At its most basic definition, a senior wedding is one where the bride, groom, or both are older
adults, and find love later in life. These weddings tend to be more about celebrating the couple’s
journey and less about grand traditional customs. Senior weddings often prioritize intimacy,
meaningfulness, and the joy of sharing the occasion with close family and friends. In comparison
to wedding of younger couples, which may focus on future dreams to be shared, vows for older
couples often comprise past life experiences or challenges that were overcome. The more mature
vows paint a picture of a commitment, understanding, and support for each other’s past journey.

Senior weddings evidence the maturity of the couple, with definite preferences from the start and
details of how and where they want the wedding to take place. Wedding planners point out there
is less vacillating among older brides and grooms, as well as less drama among blended families.
Planners note that even wedding photos seem more real and true in senior weddings versus the
staged and posed photos taken at the weddings of younger couples.

Among wedding experts located in Indian River County, the majority of wedding planners
interviewed agreed that the trend in rising senior weddings is showing no signs of slowing down.
Some of the most common trends in senior weddings include smaller ceremonies with an
intimate gathering of friends and family, décor inspired by family mementos, and the absence of
wedding showers. Another trend in senior weddings looks to the cost of the wedding, which is
typically shared by both the bride and the groom, versus traditional one-sided responsibility.

In addition to the increase in senior weddings in general, there has also been a rise in destination
weddings among older couples. Wedding experts assert the reason for this increase is due to the
fact that mature couples may have had a more traditional previous wedding in a church or
courthouse, and now they are choosing to have their wedding in a dream destination location.
Fortunately for many senior wedding couples, Indian River County (IRC) offers a wide range of
picture-perfect destinations for any shared preference. From beaches to barns, hotels to halls, and
parks to piers, resident or tourist IRC senior couples have many incredible options to choose
from for the start of a new life together.

For senior couples who have found love later in life, every day shared is a testament to enduring
romance that often defies societal expectations for mature people. As many older couples have
realized, there is no age limit on love or the celebration of it. Ultimately, the popularity of “grey”
marriages often has blue skies overhead and a lifetime of love on the horizon, proving it’s never
too late to find a happily ever after.


Photo courtesy of Ryan Smith Photography

Photo courtesy of Ryan Smith Photography

Photo courtesy of Keegan Cronin Photography

Photo courtesy of Joyce Young Designs

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