Pets in Weddings – Top Trends for Fur-ever Events

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When planning a wedding, couples typically have their own preferences but often take into
consideration trends in colors, décors, themes, and styles. However, as the hottest trends come
and go, couples may face more challenges in finding décor for a bygone trend. But there is one
trend that shows no signs of ending – the inclusion of pets in wedding ceremonies and events.
For couples that are hopelessly devoted to each other and their shared pets, the only challenge for
the couple is to decide how they want to include their furry family in their plans.

The inclusion of pets in weddings was traditionally considered a novelty, with well-groomed pets
in wedding attire posed for photos along with the wedding party. The practice soon evolved into
a more proactive role for pets, with well-trained pets entrusted to walk up the aisle and deliver an
attached pillow with wedding rings to the awaiting couple. Today, the inclusion of pets in
weddings is much more than a ceremonial version of fetch, and often includes much more than
dogs and cats in mini wedding clothing that’s designed to complement the bride’s dress or
flowers and/or the groom’s tie or pocket square.

According to wedding industry experts, the most common way to include pets in weddings is by
having them walk on a decorated leash with members of the wedding party or carried by the
bride as she walks up the aisle alone. In other cases, the groom may have a beloved pet waiting
with him for the bride, allowing the bride to hold only her bouquet. Once the bride joins the
groom and the ceremony begins, the pet often remains as the “best pup” representative for the
couple, watching his/her parents get happily joined in matrimony.

With dogs as the most popular pet included in weddings, other innovative ideas have also been
used with cats, rabbits, chickens, pigs, sheep, goats, ferrets, birds, and even llamas. However,
couples should ensure that an animal’s temperament and wedding role are suited for the intended
location. Whereas a well-trained dog may be acceptable for an inside wedding, farm animals
may be more suited for events at barns or other outdoor locations.

In Indian River County, the popular Costa d’Este Beach Resort & Spa in Vero Beach has seen its
share of weddings that include pets, mostly in outdoor events on the beach. At many of these
weddings, pets play an integral role in everything from their picture on invitations, seating cards,
and wedding stationery, to tabletop décor, cocktail napkins, and wedding party photos. And just
as motifs and themes can be threaded throughout many wedding items, so can pet-inspired décor.
Ideas for pets at weddings are endless, and continue to improve with something for every pet
included and every wedding style chosen.

Pet-inspired details are often included in dinner menus, such as Charlie’s Chicken or Luna’s
Lasagna, or as signature bar drinks such as Bella’s Bellini or Max’s Mimosa. Couples also
include pet-related details in wedding favors, such as cookies designed with a pet’s resemblance.
When it comes to the wedding cake itself, The Cake Lady – a popular vendor at Vero Beach
events – reports that many couples continue their pet-inspired details with currently popular
wedding trends that use a pet’s likeness – a cake topper, and/or a representation of a pet that
creatively uses the cake’s fondant.

For many couples, the inclusion of a pet at a wedding serves to embrace and represent the
unconditional love between the couple and a pet that has been an important part of their lives. No
matter whether a pet is physically at the ceremony or only present in photos, the inclusion of pets
in weddings can be a purr-fect way to share a special day with loved ones – both two-legged and

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Photo courtesy of Krystal Zaskey Photography

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