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Among the different types of love that exist, none can compare to the intensity of the love that
begins or blooms in the month of February. It’s as though the second month of the year arrives
with its own heart-shaped asterisk that reminds people to be prepared for all that the romance-
laden month will bring. With hearts as the main symbol of February, it’s no surprise that the
medical community often focuses on cardiology in the month of February. It’s also no surprise
that there are a significant number of weddings that take place in February, which embrace both
the concept of being in love with someone, as well as being in love with love itself.

Aside from the comforting love that comes from parents, siblings or close friends, the romantic
love that is found in couples often brings with it physiological side effects such as changes in
breathing, flushed cheeks, and the sensation of butterflies or heart flutters. All of which can
happen as unexpectedly as falling in love. Relationship experts suggest that for many couples,
romantic love is much more intense because the two people in the relationship are more
proactive with each other, always looking for ways to show or prove the depths of their devotion.
This is contrasted by the love of family and friends, which is usually less intense (according to
the same experts), because there is no need to prove anything, thus allowing a person to simply
be loved by others who care for them.

For people who are in love with love, the concept can be as sparkly as Taylor Swift’s costumes
and just as quick to change. However, for people in love with someone they feel is “the one”
love is much more than just a concept, and it lasts longer than trends in music or boyfriends.
With couples that are engaged, experts agree they are more committed in their relationships, and
willing to accept the good times and the bad, realistic in the knowledge that both are part of any
long-term relationship. In Indian River County (IRC), many couples that responded to a survey
about love said that when they think about their significant other, they look beyond short-term
events to long-term plans for the future. Luckily, for these lovers of love and one another, they
have many local options to choose from for their wedding and future plans.

When planning a wedding in IRC, especially an event that is intended for the month of February,
couples should consider the décor, designs and deals that are readily available. In addition, for
lovers in existing relationships, February is the perfect month to go over the top with romantic
gestures for your loved one. No matter whether it is a cozy, candle-lit midnight picnic for two or
a proposal viewed by thousands on a jumbo-tron, anything and everything is considered worthy
of a swoon during the month dedicated to valentines. Even for couples in new relationships,
romance can still be found on a grand display for budget-conscious efforts that embrace the first
steps in what could easily grow into the love of a lifetime.

For any couple – dating, engaged or married – in love with each other or just simply in love with
the idea of love and being in love, true romance will always exist. There will always be lovers
and there will always be dreamers, and they will always hold February dear as the month that
embraces all they feel, while encouraging others to open their hearts to Cupid’s arrows as well.

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