Garden Greenery Trend Continues to Grow

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Once considered just filler in floral bouquets, garden greenery has recently grown in status by brides looking at various kinds of greenery as modern components for their wedding bouquets. The appeal and popularity of using garden vines and leaves to create bridal bouquets has also expanded to a trending increase in greenery-only weddings. According to wedding and floral industry experts, brides are citing not only eco-friendly reasons for greenery-only weddings, but also reasons of cost-effectiveness, year-round availability, and product accessibility.

In recent years, the use of greenery in bridal bouquets has grown into an attention-grabbing hot trend, with it forecasted to continue at weddings well into 2023. Not only is greenery considered a fresh, modern, textural style for bouquets; it’s also more cost-effective than traditional or standard floral bouquets. In addition, the appeal and availability of greenery is not seasonal, but rather, it’s a year-round trend, with brides able to find the perfect vines and stems no matter what season they choose for their wedding.

Opting for greenery such as cascading eucalyptus, myrtle wreaths, and fern swags, engaged couples are looking to combine favorite blooms and greenery with textural elements to create unique wedding bouquets. They are also choosing to be more “green” with their choices, and seek “sustainable ways to organize weddings without sacrificing attention to details.” Many couples are also requesting locally grown blooms, as well as seasonal flowers and greenery.

Since 2020, Wedding Wire ( experts have said, “The use of greenery is sticking around, but with some slight tweaks with couples stepping away from the eucalyptus leaves and going more towards the seasonal greens and various grasses from where they are getting married.” For 2022, they also predicted the use of greenery in cascading bouquets as, “an updated, garden-inspired look, using long greenery branches, vines, and pastel flowers to add color, airiness, and lots of texture.”

Wedding Wire also pointed out, “As one of the only decorative elements that works for almost every wedding style, greenery is truly the gift that keeps on giving. It looks just as amazing on its own as it does when used as an accent in your flower arrangements, which is why the greenery-wedding trend continues to be so popular. If you’re not using colorful flowers, greenery is one of the easiest ways to add dimension and texture to your wedding décor – but beyond that, greenery knows no boundaries. From bouquets and centerpieces to hair accents, garlands, and even wedding stationery, greenery is everywhere right now.”

In agreement with Wedding Wire are the wedding experts at The Knot (, who report that greenery options are being chosen primarily because of increased wedding flower costs, and the uncertainty of chosen flowers arriving for the designated wedding day. “With increased fuel costs, as well as higher shipping costs to transport flowers, natural foliage has become more appealing to brides because it can grow with more flexibility in climate and geography, and often with less regular maintenance than traditional flowers require.”

Fortunately, for couples planning to wed in Indian River County, choices for bridal bouquet greens and stems grown in the Florida sunshine are abundant in variety and texture. This allows every new bride to carry some greenery at the ceremony, and leave some greenery in the bank where it can continue to grow.

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