Balloon Designs Expand Wedding Décor Options

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In traditional wedding décor, floral centerpieces and arches are often considered standard items for many ceremonies and receptions. However, modern wedding décor options have expanded to include balloon designs, which continue to inflate in popularity. According to wedding industry professionals, balloon décor appeal can be attributed to the association of balloons with celebrations, where they provide an air of youthful enjoyment at special occasions such as weddings and related events. 

Balloon décor popularity is such that while many weddings and gatherings had to be canceled with the arrival of COVID in 2020, “the demand for balloon décor remained throughout COVID,” according to Kacie Carswell, marketing manager at burton + BURTON, a premier balloon décor supplier located in Bogart, Ga. 

Among current balloon décor trends, Carswell listed, “Over-the-top balloon displays, incorporating balloons with floral designs, and organic balloon displays featuring balloons twisted together in creative ways on arbors or circular hoops.” Aside from traditional arches, she reported the most requested balloon designs as, “Organic balloon décor remains the most requested design for weddings. Traditional balloon décor will always remain a staple, but the need for personalized and one-of-a-kind décor is surpassing that for the special day.” 

While bright-colored balloons are often the go-to choice for parties, color trends for wedding balloons typically include whites, nudes, and neutral color schemes. However, more colored balloons could soon be part of the wedding décor color spectrum. 

Soothing, earth tones with a mix of pearlized finishes have been all the rage; although new, bolder colors are coming onto the scene,” Carswell pointed out. 

When considering balloons as wedding décor, it’s important to decide if the balloons will be displayed indoors or outside. According to Carswell, because temperature can affect the longevity of the balloons, they tend to be used more for indoor weddings. On the other hand, the growing number of destination weddings that take place in Indian River County has local balloon décor companies also keeping weather in mind, as they work to meet a demand for outdoor balloon décor that shows no signs of deflating anytime soon. 

Ashley Theall, owner of The Confetti Company in Vero Beach, said, “There has been a huge growth in requests for balloon wedding décor in the last few months, with outdoor balloon arches still the number one request.” She also reported that among outdoor décor, “every other” request is for a combo design of fresh flowers and balloons. 

Also seeing an increase in combo design requests is Brianna Zerga, owner and manager at RJB Bounce House and Party Rentals, located in Vero Beach. She noted that “six out of seven” balloon décor requests are for outdoor events – such as wedding ceremonies and vow renewals – with combo designs as well. 

“Since this summer, I’ve probably had 30 requests for balloon arches, which are the most popular balloon décor item, with many people also asking for flowers to be combined with the balloons in the arch design,” Zerga reported. 

An additional request Zerga has also seen grow in popularity is that of a bounce house – decorated with balloons – at outdoor wedding events. As the number of requests continued to grow, her decision to purchase a white bounce house was a smart financial move, as she already has it booked through the end of this year. 

While balloon décor popularity remains strong today, balloons have faced their share of adversity in the past. One of the biggest concerns with outdoor balloon décor was the potential impact balloon materials might have on the environment. To alleviate this concern, the balloon industry created biodegradable balloons, and continues to, “educate the public on the proper use and disposal of balloons. September was International Balloon Month, a time for the industry to not only share the joy balloons bring us, but also to emphasize that, if we are going to use them, it is our responsibility to properly dispose of them,” Carswell summed up. 

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