Winter Weddings: Cold Temps and Warm Wishes

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With any mention of a winter event, most people think of the cold weather that’s typical of
December and January, and the warm jackets that are necessary to help brave chilly northern
temperatures. However, when planning a winter wedding in the south, the same temperature and
clothing considerations are necessary in Florida as well. For couples in Indian River County who
desire a winter wedding, embracing the chillier temperatures offers an opportunity to create a
winter wonderland theme (minus the snow) that is sure to be remembered by all who attend the
wedding and its related events.

While sunny Florida is envied for its warm climate, temperatures can also dip down into the 40s
and 50s, which often keeps beachgoers inside until outdoor temps rise to their degree of comfort
once again. But for couples who look forward to the cooler days, and want their wedding to take
place during the chilly days and nights of Florida’s wintery weather, there are many tips and
helpful suggestions from wedding industry experts that are sure to appeal to and accommodate
every guest in attendance.

At the top of any to-do list when planning a winter wedding are two items that relate to time.
First, couples should be sure to send out their invitations as soon as possible once a date has been
set in order for their invite to stand out among the numerous holiday party invitations many
guests may receive. By sending out invitations as far in advance as possible, guests have more
time to accommodate wedding invites and any related travel that is necessary. With the second
item, as it relates to time, couples should also remember that days are shorter in the winter, so
weddings and related events should be scheduled for earlier in the morning or afternoon, unless
the events are specifically intended for the evening hours.

When it comes to indoor winter wedding décor, industry professionals suggest using colors and
designs that best highlight the holiday season such as reds, greens, golds, and plaids. On the
other hand, experts also suggest embracing a winter wonderland theme using many hues of white
for a monochromatic effect that can be added to with twinkling lights in trees/greenery, along
walkways or on tabletops. Taking the place of the missing snowfall in Indian River County,
couples can choose to scatter fake snow all around the room, as well as include creative
snowflake designs on their wedding cake.

For couples intent on embracing the colder temps with an outdoor ceremony, it’s important to
consider the weather tolerances of wedding attendees. To help keep guests warm during an
outdoor ceremony, wedding experts suggest arranging a self-serve area that offers a variety of
hot beverages such as coffee, tea, hot chocolate or cider. In addition, a perfect chilly-weather
goody bag for guests might include ChapStick, mittens or gloves, while another complementary
warming option is a table that offers shoulder shawls and/or lap throws for guests, which can
keep guests warm during an outdoor ceremony before the event continues and moves indoors.
Ultimately, much of the joy found in Florida winter weddings is in the fact that couples get the
wedding they wished for in weather they hoped for, surrounded by the warmth of loved ones
from near and far.

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