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As one of the many elements that serve to enhance a wedding, music plays an integral role during a ceremony and at a reception. From a traditional wedding march to modern rock and roll stroll, wedding music is instrumental in creating a desired mood and keeping wedding guests entertained. For some couples, traditional music accompanies traditional wedding clothing, while for other couples, a wide range of non-traditional choices in music and clothing can serve as the norm. But one thing both couples have in common is the love story that’s heard through their music choices, which provides the perfect harmony for a successful and special wedding day.

Just as with wedding clothing, wedding music has seen its share of trends; however, many favorite music choices from the past are experiencing newfound popularity with today’s couples. As an example, traditional waltz music is on trend again, thanks in part to television shows like “Dancing with the Stars,” which showcases celebrities demonstrating various ballroom dances. In addition, many couples are once again choosing a DJ or live band to provide reception music, renewing the popularity of both after a temporary drop in requests during a period of pre-recorded techno tracks as dance music.

According to Brandon Rivera, owner of DJ Bodega  located in Vero Beach, “Change is something that is constantly happening in this industry from music trends, to technology, fashion, and DJ equipment.” The 12-year music industry veteran—who serves areas from Orlando to the Florida Keys, as well as some states outside of Florida—reported that current wedding music trends evidence the sentimental value and impact of older songs.

“Music is currently in a weird space (in my opinion) where a lot of the new stuff is not sticking and having an impact like the older songs. I have noticed that the biggest reactions to music selection have come from older songs, regardless of the demographics and age groups. The older songs are what seem to light up the dance floor the most!” Rivera said.

He added, “As of late, most couples seem to want someone who can play multiple genres of music and from all different eras. Of course, some may think this is an obvious answer. But, with TikTok, DSP platforms, and social media having such a high influence in music today, the types of music that are being requested is across the board.”

Rivera pointed out that in years past, “wedding-style” songs that inspired romance and cheek-to-cheek dancing (i.e. Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole, etc.) or was intended for faster dancing (i.e. disco and/or line dances) was the accepted norm, with anything else frowned upon. But today, music requests from all age groups are trending towards a little bit from every type of music and every type of dance.

Another current trend noted by Rivera is requests for a combination DJ and band to provide wedding reception music. “Couples who hire a band lately seem to hire both the band and a DJ. Sometimes it’s one or the other, but choosing both seems to be the trend as of late.” He continued, “In my experience, I’ve noticed that couples tend to use the band for special dances, cocktail hours, and at times for ceremonies. The transition from band to DJ is a very nice touch and seems to make the event that much more exciting! There have even been times when the band plays along with the DJ to certain songs!”

Noticing the same preferences as Rivera is Jerzi Olivia Brazie—owner of Jerzi Entertainment located in Vero Beach—who specializes in the “hybrid entertainment” of DJing + live music offered in one package. As a DJ and lead singer of her band, Brazie has seen many trends come and go in her 10 years of DJing at events from Indian River County to Stuart, and suggested the trend in choosing both a DJ and band often originates with couples who are unable to choose between the two music options.

She said, “A lot of times couples have a hard time deciding on live music and DJs. I think live music adds to the atmosphere, while DJing really helps bump up the party. Together, I believe it creates a unique day of celebrating and will leave a lasting impression on the guests and newlyweds.”

Offering an example of how a DJ and band can complement each other at a wedding reception, Brazie explained, “As an example of some of our recent weddings, I played ukulele for a ceremony or a curated DJ playlist. Then for cocktail hour and dinner we had a duo, trio, or band perform with a curated DJ playlist in between during any breaks. To close out the night, I will DJ for the last part of the evening for non-stop dancing and fun.”

Brazie also pointed out, “A few different trends happening at some of my latest weddings compared to ones from over a decade ago are that a lot of the newlyweds are getting away from ‘traditional wedding music’ and want more customization. I love how hands-on people want to be with their playlist. In most of the weddings I’ve done, the bride will walk down the aisle to something either traditional or a newer pop song that’s played in a classical style. There have been a few instances where the bride picks something completely non-traditional. My two favorite ones have been the Star Wars theme song (piano version) and theme from the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time video game.”

“We still keep the DJ playlist multigenerational for the dance portion for the friends and whole family to enjoy, but recently a lot of people have been personalizing their music selections for ceremony, cocktail, cake cutting, etc. To each their own! It’s the bride and groom’s day, so ultimately they get to choose, and I like to be able to accommodate their requests,” said Brazie.

When it comes to the choice of music for ceremonies and receptions, today’s couples have many options to choose from when creating their own unique wedding soundtrack. No matter if it’s a DJ or band, or a combination of both, what guests will remember is how the bride and groom danced with each other and the people they love to the music they love.

Photo courtesy of Bee Authentic Photography

Photos courtesy of Jerzi Olivia Brazie

Photos courtesy of Jerzi Olivia Brazie

Photos courtesy of Jerzi Olivia Brazie

Photos courtesy of Jerzi Olivia Brazie



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