Cost-Conscious Honeymoons: Top Tips for Newlywed Trips

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Once a marriage is proposed and accepted, all attention shifts to the wedding and the numerous preparations and reservations required to ensure the couple’s preferences are achieved. With so much focus on the wedding day, there often doesn’t seem to be time or money left to devote to concerns about a potential honeymoon. In fact, many couples find that their budgeted funds may just cover their wedding expenses, leaving little to no money available for a honeymoon, which often becomes an after-thought when faced with the total cost of the wedding itself.

With the current cost of a wedding averaging close to $30,000, many engaged couples find they cannot afford the additional cost of a modest honeymoon, which currently ranges from $2,500-$8,000, with a median cost close to $5,000. For couples considering an all-inclusive resort as a potential honeymoon destination, the average cost of an all-inclusive honeymoon is even higher at between $5,000-$10,000, which can put a honeymoon even further out of financial reach for some couples with limited budgets.

Faced with trying to arrange a dream-like honeymoon on a realistic budget, cost-conscious couples have begun thinking beyond traditional destinations, hot spots, and resorts in a attempt to find the best tips and advice that will have them over the moon on their honeymoon. Wedding industry experts agree that among the top pieces of advice are: Be proactive in reservations, be realistic in expectations, and be patient in consideration.

When looking at honeymoon destinations, many couples would do well to remain flexible in their travel dates and methods of travel, as traveling off-season and during the week may be more cost-effective than busy season weekend travel at peak times of day. After comparing travel costs, it’s key to remember that early reservation booking may also save money on travel. When it comes to honeymoon accommodations, cost-conscious couples should look outside the luxury hotel box and consider other options such as short-term vacation rentals and/or bed and breakfasts. Many non-hotel options offer kitchens, which allow for additional savings by cooking at home versus dining out daily.

As still a hot trend, many engaged couples are opting to forego a traditional wedding registry in favor of a honeymoon fund. This option allows couples to have a smaller, less-expensive wedding and reception, with the majority of their budget earmarked for a dream honeymoon destination, which can be financed with wedding contributions to a honeymoon fund. In addition, couples that travel on a regular basis for work often accrue travel reward points, which can be applied to the cost of honeymoon travel. However, using rewards for honeymoon travel may require patience from the couple as they wait for point balances to reach their travel needs.

One more item for cost-conscious newlyweds is asking about local events that are inexpensive or free, which can save money on entertainment and still allow for a night of splurge without regret. Ultimately, when it comes to arranging a cost-conscious honeymoon, the most memorable part of the trip is not always the destination. For many newlyweds, the time together in the early days as husband and wife is the memory that lasts a lifetime.


Photo courtesy of The World Pursuit, LLC

Photo courtesy of The World Pursuit, LLC

Photo courtesy of The World Pursuit, LLC

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